Promoting Healthy Development

Building Capacity to Effect Change in Communities

Encouraging Volunteerism

Adrian has been with BACR for 8 years - as an after school coordinator in Oakland and as a manager in both middle and elementary schools. 

Adrian is another proud example of BACR's "home grown" management. He has been instrumental in supporting the development of the after school program field not only at BACR, but also within the Oakland Unified School District.  

Jen Malabag is the Co Director of Medi-Cal Services for our Behavioral Health program.  We persevere, are dependable, and act with integrity?  This is Jen! 

Jen’s work as a clinician is compassionate and driven with the client’s best interest at heart.  Over a year ago she started working as our Quality Control Coordinator  – A difficult position that demands balance between clinically accurate charting and supporting clinicians so they remain upbeat.   

Martina McCormick has been working with BACR National Service for over 3 years - both as an AmeriCorps member and as a staff member.  In Martina’s 3 years at BACR she has worked very hard to exemplify BACR's best practices.  She has never shied away from doing whatever it takes to get the job done, especially when it comes to recruiting and hiring local community members to join our AmeriCorps programs and serve their respective communities.  

Some people are such a complete package, that they embody all of the BACR Best Practices to their fullest.  Joyce Synnott is one.  Joyce is the Case Manager at Helms Middle School in San Pablo where youth, family and staff are beset by many life and community challenges. Joyce’s perseverance and dedication is profound.  She commits herself to supporting, understanding, challenging and celebrating the accomplishments of her clients, their families and school staff.

Kristy has been with BACR since our start in running San Francisco after school programs.  Given Kristy’s strong background and skills her first job was to address the challenges at Guadalupe Elementary. 

Kristy not only got Guadalupe up and running, she turned it into a District-wide model site.   Whenever BACR or the school district needs to set up a site visit with Region IV, Federal Auditors, Curriculum Developers, or other visiting schools, we have them visit Kristy’s program.

It is with great enthusiasm that I nominate Pattie Williams for a BACR best practice award.  Pattie truly perseveres, is dependable, and acts with integrity.

Pattie began at BACR 7 years ago as a line staff in the Marin County jail. She was promoted to Coordinator of BACR’s in-custody program—an example of BACR’s homegrown management.