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BACR offers an array of administrative services to assist other organizations with payroll, benefits administration, financial accounting, and reporting. We primarily support organizations whose purpose, values, and activities are aligned with our core values and mission. Our services are tailor-made to fit the needs of each project.

BACR provides fiscal sponsorship and fiscal intermediary services to large and small organizations and community groups. Fiscal intermediary activities are tailor-made to fit the needs of each program.

Employment Administration

  • New hire processing
  • Employeechanges, salaryadjustments, promotions, title changes, leaves ofabsence
  • Separation processing
  • Full payroll services including direct deposit
  • Maintenance of I-9 information

Benefits Administration

  • Benefits plan administration
  • Employee health and welfareplans
  • COBRA administration
  • Disability and medical leave administration

Risk Management and Compliance

  • Maintenance employee records and documentation
  • Regulatorycompliance(ERISA,FLSA,EEO, DOL andotherfederal and state
  • HR risk management forWorkmen’s Compensation and UnemploymentInsurance
  • General liability insurance,
  • Employee professional liability insurance, and
  • In-house LiveScan fingerprinting.
  • Compliance-related trainingfor project manager(EEO, sexual harassment,etc.)

HR Policies and Employee Relations

  • EmployeeHandbook
  • Employee relations consultation (with City staff)

Financial Services

  • Supplies, materials and equipmentpurchase payments
  • Vendor, consultant and sub-contractor services payments
  • Staff reimbursement payments
  • Receipt
  • Financial record keeping
  • Monthlyfinancial statements
  • Check processing
  • Process W-9s and 1099s
  • Federal, stateand local taxand informational returns
  • Payroll taxremittance and filings
  • Independentaudit
  • Professional Servicescontract procurement andadministration

*Fiscal sponsorships and other intermediary projects are included in BACR’s GAAP financial audit.

Depending on the project’s needs, BACR provides additional services, negotiated as part of the contract. These additional services include any of the following:

  • Computer information technology (IT)
  • Grant writing, project planning and design
  • Project reporting to funders
  • Evaluation

BACR serves as fiscal sponsor or intermediary for small to large projects, nonprofits, and emerging organizations so they can develop and add value to the community. As noted above, we provide payroll and human resources management, fiscal administration, cost reporting, general liability insurance, workers compensation, and malpractice insurance. BACR also provides LiveScan fingerprinting for all staff and timely financial reports. While BACR oversees community-based groups, the project or organization is generally responsible for planning, fundraising, and project operations.

Contact Information: Community Projects and Organizations—If you are interested in a BACR fiscal sponsorship or intermediary services for your project or organization, please click on and complete the online LOI (Letter of Inquiry) form located on the top-right side of this page. For any general questions, please contact David Wight, Development Director.