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Youth Policy Leaders (YPL) is a program that empowers youth to be advocates for change in themselves and their community through research, service, education, and policy. We use the Community Action Model ( to build community capacity and facilitate the development of transitional-age youth (ages 16-24) from around San Francisco and the Bay Area. It is with this youth-driven model that we aim to create the next generation of leaders who are dedicated to the social justice movement by advocating for immigrant rights and protecting their communities from the influence of tobacco.

The YPL immigrant rights campaign empowers undocumented youth to be leaders in community organizing and policy using a peer-to-peer mentorship model. Youth raise awareness in their community about the undocumented immigrant experience, struggle, and resistance in order to advocate for a humane immigration system.  Through this campaign, youth learn to express their own stories, thereby strengthening their identity as undocumented youth of color.

The YPL tobacco control campaign has two focus areas: implementing a smoke-free multi-unit housing policy and increasing tobacco prices through minimum pricing, including restricting or banning price-related promotions (i.e. coupons, discounts) in the City and County of San Francisco. 

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271 Austin Street, San Francisco CA 94109