Our staff met Lt. Governor and former Redwood high school student Gavin Newsom
The World I Want
BACR Clinical Director Carin Grove was recently interviewed for a documentary video for Beyond Differences. The video highlights the work Beyond Differences is doing for social isolation in middle school kids and how it impacts their mental health. Carin spoke to the impact of social isolation and...
New Perspectives Team Provides Crisis Support After Tragic Car Accident
Individuals of all ages, cultures and backgrounds experience a crisis at some point in their lives. Crisis can be brought on by a variety of situations, and inevitably, the youth our New Perspective's Marin team serves are affected by such a tragedy in some way. When this occurs, staff and interns...
Emotional Progress through Rapping
For confidentiality reasons, we will refer to this fifth-grade student as "Student A."  "Student A" struggles tremendously in school, both academically and emotionally.  He has been given the diagnosis of Emotionally Disturbed by the district and has a history of angry outbursts, having...