Find Your Balance - BACR's New Employee Wellness Program
Marty Weinstein, CEO, launched BACR's Employee Wellness Program at the Fall Kick-Off in October 2016. A Wellness Committee spearheaded by HR Director, Brenda Cain was formed to plan and organize a 3-year initiative. Since October, managers have been given an orientation and training, and a logo...
These twin sisters celebrated Lights On Afterschool 2016 by becoming math champions
One might not think that basketball can help kids gain critical math skills. But for twin sisters Patricia and Angela Rodas, that’s exactly the case. The Rodas sisters have become rather like local celebrities in the San Francisco Bay Area through their success in NBA Math Hoops, a...
Fall Kickoff 16-17
On October 24, 2016 over 200 of BACR’s staff gathered at the DoubleTree/Berkeley Marina to “kickoff” the 2016-2017 year.  The theme for this year’s event included an overview of BACR’s Competitive Advantages - showcasing our expansion in our programs growth and...
Announcing The Fifth Quarter Project
It became apparent to me that there were a great number of individuals who, after leaving school were unprepared from the perspective of training and tools to make sustainable career decisions. This lack of resources and education has left large numbers of folks essentially paralyzed by the...
Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center Celebrates 20 Years Of Community Services
A freshly painted mural on the front of the building may announce its presence on Noriega Street, but the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center is by no means a new addition to the Outer Sunset. In fact, SNBC recently had a block party to celebrate its 20 years of after-school programming,...
San Rafael summer school sends robots full STEM ahead
Pedro Ramirez, 12, sent his robot into action, moving its jaws forward to grab a green plastic block. When he tried to place the block on top of a stack of other blocks, it tumbled off. The Davidson Middle School student was participating in a robotics class with about 19 other students as part...
Smoke-free Housing Registry
The ability to live in a smokefree home is a choice that everyone should have, especially those who are vulnerable with health conditions such as children with asthma.  Unfortunately for those who live in multi-family buildings such as apartments and condos, breathing secondhand smoke from...
BACR’s Partnership with NBA Math Hoops and the Golden State Warriors
BACR is in its second year of our partnership with the NBA Math Hoops Curriculum and the Golden State Warriors.  For the 2014-2015 School Year, we had 28 sites participating across 6 school districts.  Our students showed a marked improvement in their math skills, as well as an overall...
San Rafael art exhibit puts focus on tobacco use and mental illness
Mark Parker is trying to kick a bad habit. Parker, a 28-year-old San Rafael resident, has smoked for nine years, but the past two months he has done his best to quit. Recently, he created a motivational art piece made of cut up cigarette cartons that he pasted to a sheet of paper, forming the...
Math Hoops
On Tuesday, December 15, the Warriors hosted Math Hoops Live in partnership with Learn Fresh, the Warriors Community Foundation and Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) at Sunset Elementary School in San Francisco.