Island HS receives 6k from Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan
BACR  offers its sincere thanks to Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan for her generous support of Island's after school basketball program!
The World I Want
BACR Clinical Director Carin Grove was recently interviewed for a documentary video for Beyond Differences. The video highlights the work Beyond Differences is doing for social isolation in middle school kids and how it impacts their mental health. Carin spoke to the impact of social isolation and...
Cautionary Smoke-Free Housing Tale: Costs of Inaction
Please see this 9-minute film that was produced in 2014 by Elizabeth Emerson, a frequent contributor to BACR's goal of building healthy communities. This film addresses the issue of second hand smoke in apartments and condos as well as the risks of smoking related fires.
YFYI at the Youth Philanthropy “Connect” Conference
In July, 2014 Youth Funding Youth Ideas (YFYI) was invited to present at the Youth Philanthropy “Connect” conference in Anaheim. “Connect” is an annual national conference where dozens of family foundations attend with their children and youth grant-making boards to learn about new strategies for...
Great news from The College Dream Team this year!
In November 2013 College Dream Team held an essay workshop with our seniors with the help of one of our new Board members. At the end of the workshop we asked our students to say a few words about what they appreciated most about College Dream Team. To a person they all replied that they could not...
Latino Council of Marin
The Latino Council is a community-based organization helping nonprofits, government agencies, community organizations, businesses and professionals increase their cultural and organizational capacity to create effective outcomes with the Latino community. Our mission is “to recognize and develop...
Headed For Graduation
The Youth Support Program (YSP) has been making a difference since 1994. This year the YSP Teachers, students from UC Berkeley, conducted two Credit Recovery classes on the Willard Middle School campus. The classes were for 8th grade students who scored poorly in their Math and/or English...
UNI - Youth Leadership's Newest Program in West Contra Costa Co.
In a pilot program, Urban Nutrition Initiative (UNI), high school students from Samuel L. Gompers Continuation School have been working diligently to create social change in the community. UNI’s mission is to increase fruit and vegetable consumption among residents of West Contra Costa...
Youth Funding Youth Ideas - YFYI
With funding from San Francisco’s Department of Children, Youth & Their Families, YFYI staff are able to “re-grant” dollars to youth-led projects in San Francisco. The criteria for selecting a project to fund include a focus on community improvement, development, and change - all from a...
Lafayette Elementary School Boosts Science Teaching
Eddie Scruggs-Smith still remembers the message her  drilled into her when she was young: “education means opportunity.” Although Scruggs-Smith sometimes doubted her academic abilities, the self-proclaimed product of the Oakland schools says it was a favorite Oakland Technical high...