John Fuentes
John Fuentes is an East Bay after school Manager.  He is an incredible, charismatic leader-  with both vision and on the ground leadership.  One Best Practice that stands out in the work that John continues to do is “working within communities and building  alliances to...
Kai Shatteen
Kai Shateen has been working with National Service for over 10 years both as an AmeriCorps member and as a staff member.  In this time she has worked very hard to exemplify BACR's best practices. She has never shied away from doing whatever it takes to get the job done.  Kai has shown a...
Thia Haselton
Thia has been a BACR high school counselor with the Tam District for over 10 years.  She is revered by school administrators and of course, her BACR colleagues. There is no task too difficult for Thia to accomplish. She can sit and listen for hours to a student going through a difficult time...
Ali Wohlgemuth
Ali is the coordinator of DROC and the Urban Nutrition Initiative - both youth leadership projects in several West Contra Costa high schools.  Ali creates exceptionally strong relationships with the youth and staff in her programs to ensure that they have every chance to develop great skills...
Mariana Lopez
Mariana Lopez has worked with BACR since August of 2007 as a Site Coordinator at San Pedro Elementary.  She stepped into her role at a school that needed to start building trust in the program again.  She quickly accomplished this by building strong relationships with the students, her...
CalSAC recognizes LDI Fellow Christen Gray
BACR's East Bay After School Program Manager in Alameda & Oakland was recently honored with the following tribute from the California School-Age Consortium!... CalSAC is proud to highlight Fellows from our Leadership Development Institute (LDI). These Fellows are...
Colleen Johnston
Colleen Johnston is another great example of home grown leadership.  She started at YSP as a volunteer many years ago and, after graduating from Cal, it was my good fortune that she applied to become the coordinator of the Laurel Dell after school program in San Rafael.
Veronica Raya
Veronica Raya exhibits many of BACR’s Best Practices.  She is humble and guided by a caring heart.  She perseveres, is dependable, and acts with integrity.  And she is a continuous learner.  Veronica is an example of BACR homegrown talent.
Na'Dra Hennington
Na'Dra has been with BACR for over 5 years. She began her work in after school as a line staff then moved on to a program assistant then moved on to an after school coordinator and was then promoted to a program manager position.  Na'Dra is an inspirational member within the BACR family.  She...
Meg Yardley
BACR highly values and encourages people to try new ideas, to innovate, and to reach beyond “business as usual” in the service of improving people’s lives and the community as a whole.  It takes initiative, risk and commitment to forge new program areas or new ways to serve youth, family and...