Promoting Healthy Development

Building Capacity to Effect Change in Communities

Encouraging Volunteerism

One of the keys to successful community work is hiring from within the communities we serve.

The CHALK graduation is always a time for fun and celebration. At CHALK, we believe that young people can do anything with the appropriate amount of training and support. All of our youth staff receive 80+ hours of training before they begin work on the field. The CHALK graduation is a way to acknowledge the successful completion of their first phase of work. 

We hire young people to do community work because we believe that their personal life experiences can be channeled positively to influence change, not only in their communities but in themselves. 

All of our program participants receive wrap-around services, including, one-on-one career and education planning and support, on-going professional development and training, an array of resources and services via our partners on top of having a meaningful, paid work experience as service providers. 

One of the keys to successful community work is hiring from within the communities we serve. At CHALK, 95% of our youth staff are youth of color who come from low income families and live in communities with high rates of violence, crime and drugs. 80% enter our program at risk of failing school and 50% are already system involved and on probation. 

Upon leaving CHALK, 100% of participants reported feeling prepared to confidently enter the workforce. 90% exit with either a high school diploma or GED and with a transition plan for higher education or trade school, having secured other employment. 

At CHALK we strive to give at-risk youth the necessary support and resources to learn to thrive, and to instill a sense of connection to the community that fosters a commitment to giving back.  In fact, 90% of CHALK youth report that they will continue to be positively engaged in their communities after leaving CHALK by either volunteering or pursuing careers in social work. The CHALK graduation is just one of many milestones our youth staff will reach during their time here, among those, the most important is that they will leave with a sense of pride in what they have accomplished, knowing they can achieve more than they ever believed was possible.

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