Alcohol & Drug

Prevention and treatment services for youth, families and adults in need.

BACR’s DUI Programs in Marin and Napa counties offer court and DMV mandated programs. For persons convicted of a first or subsequent arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), the programs include:

  • A fifteen (15) week Education and Group counseling Program for the first conviction drinking driver. The Education curriculum includes videos, lectures and group discussions with informational materials on DUI law, court requirements, substance abuse and problem drinking. The Group Counseling component is conducted in a supportive atmosphere in which participants assess their relationship with alcohol.
  • A Six or Nine Month First Offender MCDUIP is an Education and Group counseling program for the driver ordered by court to attend an extended First Offender DUI Program.
  • For Multiple Offenders there is an eighteen- (18) month Education and Group Counseling program.  Sessions are conducted weekly throughout the program. 

Community re-entry is the final 6-month phase of the program. It consists of once a month, 1 hour, group sessions, and is concurrent with 4 hours a month community re-entry activity.

Programs are conducted in English and Spanish.

Contact Info

Marin County DUI Program

103 Shoreline Parkway, Suite 201, San Rafael, CA 94901
p: (415) 453-9980

Maria Vega

Program Coordinator


Napa County DUI Program

2020 Jefferson Street, Napa, CA
p: (707) 255-8300

Eduardo Leon

Program Coordinator