Alcohol & Drug

Prevention and treatment services for youth, families and adults in need.

The CoCoLEAD Plus project is evolutionary in providing the first multi-systems diversion program for adult residents in Antioch who come in contact with law enforcement. Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) is the subcontractor charged with leading Cognitive Behavioral Services (CBS). We, at BACR, are aware that mental health and substance use plays a major part in the “revolving door” for many individuals in our judicial system.  

Our mission as the CBS component of the project is to provide evidence based groups in a safe, culturally sensitive, community setting; while implementing best practices and provide additional support on an as-needed basis for individuals who may require additional assistance.  

Groups are provided to clients referred through HealthRight 360, Contra Costa Probation Dept., Antioch Police Department and in addition are open to individuals in the community at large. We offer a number of different groups addressing addiction, trauma, stress and anger. CBS provides groups daily, including evenings and weekends, specific groups target spanish speaking and gender specific populations.

CBS  provide three essential groups:

  1. Thinking For Change (cognitive behavioral) is a manualized program designed to teach criminal justice-involved individuals to develop effective decision strategies, dispute irrational or maladaptive thoughts, and increase prosocial behaviors.  
  2. Motivational Interviewing (cognitive behavioral) is an engagement group with a focus of promoting positive change, through self-identification of stages of change, building on strengths and self-efficacy of group members, and providing positive empathetic regards for each member throughout their journey.  
  3. Seeking Safety (trauma focused) is a present focused model to support individuals in addressing both trauma and addiction within an “at the moment” approach to identifying triggers, maladaptive behaviors, awareness and coping skills such as grounding.   

We believe in transforming lives and supporting change.  Our goal is to support individuals in developing personal lifestyles principled on increased self-esteem and empowerment that will  promote transformation.

Contact Info

Dolores Williams, LCSW

CBS Coordinator